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Our Staff

Trained, Hardworking Professionals

Your house will be cleaned and cared for by one or more of our house cleaning professionals that are highly trained to perform all kinds of cleaning ensuring the quality of services rendered exceed your expectations​.


Our Mission

To be of service to our customers, our cleaning technicians, and our community in a way that makes an inspirational difference to everyone we encounter by conducting ourselves and our company in a way that is beyond reproach.


Our Vision

As a company our desire is to grow, but only if we remain completely focused on helping our employees realize their own personal aspirations in life and consistently exceeding every customer's expectations.

House Cleaning Columbia SC

Alicia Pena


Alicia arrived in South Carolina in 20XX as a Soldier in the United States Army. She retired after a honorable 20 year career in the Chaplain Assitant field in 2015. Alicia, along with her husband Juan, started Soul Cleaning, LLC from their home.

House Cleaning Columbia SC

Juan Pena


Juan arrived in South Carolina in 20XX as a Soldier in the United States Army with his wife Alicia. He has served honorably for over 20 years in the  Infantry. Juan, along with his wife Alicia, started Soul Cleaning, LLC from their home.

Kerryann Cato-Nattoo

Since 2015

Angelita B. Santiago

Since 2015

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